Audition Facts



The official auditions are closed to family members and parents where only the Young MTC production team staff are permitted to be present. The pre audition formalities and official audition will take approximately 1 hour, depending on auditionee numbers. This is a great time for you to fill in the membership, medical and contract forms for your child and possibly pay the membership and performance fee at the front desk.


$25 Single Adult
$40 Family
$20 Child / Student

Performance Fee for Peter Pan Jr

$50 Covers Show  Shirt, Script(we expect them to write in these), Rehearsal CD.

Prior to the recording of the official audition, the children will be coached through the audition process and participate in vocal warm ups, get into character and shake off any nerves. During the official audition proceedings, auditionees will be recorded and will be asked to introduce themselves stating their name and age. They will be asked to perform a part or all of the audition song, located online on our website, read a few lines and possibly dance in front of the production staff and with a group of other auditionees.


Please note the following important AUDITION FACTS:

  • Not all children will receive a callback.This does not necessarily mean that your child will not be cast. Sometimes there is simply a need to see a little something more.
  • A callback for a principal role is in no way a guarantee of being cast in that role.It means that the creative team sees that your child could potentially play that role. Please keep in mind that several children are sometimes brought in for any particular role.
  • All casting decisions are final. While we are always happy to share constructive tips for next time, please understand that there are reasons for casting to go one way or another.
  • We will, as always, take as many children as we feel will guarantee a quality experience for all.Ideally we want to include all auditionees and endeavour to find them the perfect part for their theatre gifts.
  • Most of all…GOOD LUCK! HAVE FUN!

Please note the following important AUDITION FACTS for Parents:

Keep in mind to encourage and reassure your child that as a production team we believe in ‘there is no small parts (roles), only small actors’. To us everyone is talented in their own right and we will find the best part for them. Some youth have the knack to memorise large dialogue, others make people laugh, sing, or are able to stand in front of a group and tell a story through acting. Most importantly we need all cast members no matter how much stage time their character involves to learn how to be a team player by supporting all peers involved. It is most important that we and parents, encourage our children to have fun, and to understand that it is not essential to have the largest role but to find their own unique way to contribute to the success of a production. We all work together, are all equally important and the sense of pride and accomplishment is shared by all.

Throughout an audition process there maybe some disappointments for some children if kids are being narrow minded, putting themselves down or being negative towards various performance roles which they have received.  Please trust us when we say that often the children are emulating the disappointment of others. If you remain upbeat and optimistic, you’ll find any initial disappointment will disappear quickly as we get into the the heart of rehearsal process. We promise that each child will learn to take positive risks, to conquer fears, to build self-esteem and most importantly to understand the true meaning of theatre camaraderie and team work.