AGES 8 – 18

Audition Brief 

Presented by                      MTC Youth Production – Young MTC Group

Director                                   Glen Barrow

Junior Director                      Bethany Witte

Musical Director                   Georgy Barrow

Musical Support                   Megan Sullivan, Kasey Humphrey

Choreographer                      Emily McEwan

Stage Manager                      Kate Whyte

Lighting Design                     Brendan Alderton

Costumes                                Erin Edwards/Georgy Barrow

Construction Team                         Andrew Alderton, Kate Whyte, Glen Barrow – Wednesday nights during rehearsal season.

Auditions                                 Friday 16th February & Saturday 17th February  

(If you are unable to make this audition please contact us to secure another time and date.)


Rehearsal’s will on the following week days.                        

SUNDAY’s  at 2pm – 4pm for Whole Cast  &  

                            4pm – 5.30 pm for Leads as required 

WEDNESDAY’s at 5pm – 6.30pm Whole Cast

A detailed rehearsal schedule will be supplied at first rehearsal. This more detailed schedual will state all rehearsals for each character/ chorus members, tech rehearsals and dress rehearsals.

First Rehearsal                       

Sunday 18th of February – 2pm – 5pm

Start Production Week        Monday 14th of May 2018 

Opening Night                         Friday 18th of May 2018

Final Performance                 Sunday 20st of May 2018

Performance Times                TBA

Venue                                      Mildura Arts Centre

Full Synopsis

Tinker Bell and her fellow Fairies introduce the audience to our story (“Fly to Your Heart”). The Darling Children, Wendy, Michael and John, play make-believe in their nursery, imaging themselves in Neverland (“The Elegant Captain Hook”). Mr. Darling comes looking for his cufflinks, but discovers that his adventurous children have drawn a treasure map on the back of his last clean shirt. He scolds Wendy for refusing to grow up and trips over Nana, the dog and nursemaid. Mr. Darling banishes Nana from the nursery, explaining that, sooner or later, all children must grow up. Mrs. Darling puts the children to bed, and Wendy asks her to leave the window open in case Peter Pan returns (“The Second Star to the Right”).

While the Darling children slumber, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell sneak into the nursery in search of Peter’s lost shadow. Wendy wakes up and excitedly tells Peter that she doesn’t want to grow up. He offers to take Wendy and her brothers back to Neverland. Peter teaches Wendy and her brothers to fly, and they set off into the night (“You Can Fly / Fly to Your Heart”).

On a ship docked in Neverland, the Pirates of the island are up to no good (“Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me”). Captain Hook plots with his first mate, Smee, on how to seek revenge on Peter. They decide to capture Tiger Lily in hopes that they can force her to help. Their plotting is interrupted by the nefarious crocodile who ate Captain Hook’s hand after Peter cut it off (“Never Smile at a Crocodile”). Suddenly, Captain Hook spots Peter Pan in the distance and orders his crew to fire. Peter sends the Darlings with Tinker Bell while he goes on to face Captain Hook himself.